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Birth of a dragonfly Wolf spider Frog's head Large Elephant Hawkmoth Horsefly Fritillary wing Luna moth Greater Black Back gull

The images above are a sampling of the 48 included in 'Nothing But Heather!'. They were taken with a Nikon F2a 35mm SLR with a Nikon 55mm f.3.5 Micro-nikkor macro lens or with a Vivitar CF f.2.8 135mm telephoto, sometimes with extension tubes, and occasionally (in the more extreme close-ups) with other more gimcrack and improvised arrangements. Lighting was either natural daylight or a cheap hand-held flash gun. Film was the (then) Kodachrome 25. See a wider selection of my natural history images here under "Photographers".

1G.F. Dutton 2Philip and Rosemary Hobsbaum 1 3Philip and Rosemary Hobsbaum 2 4Diana Hendry 5Diana Hendry 6Su-chen Christine Lim 7Cheryl Follon 8A. B. Jackson
9Johnny Hill 10Neil Thomson 11Kenny Taylor 12Kenny Taylor 13Linda Cracknell 14Mike Stocks 15Mike Stocks 16Petrea Cooney
17Julie Johnstone 18Julie Johnstone 19Julie Johnstone 20Alec Finlay 21Poetry Publishers 22Duncan Glen 23Hamish Whyte 24John Lucas and Duncan Glen
25John Lucas 26Jim Carruth 27Jim Carruth 28Jim Carruth 29Lyn Chandhok 30Dana Gioia 31Peacock&Gioia 32Dick Davis
33Rhina Espaillat 34R S Gwynn 35Ernie Hilbert 36H L Hix 37Daniel Hoffmann 38Jennifer Goodrich 39Kate Light 40Kate Light
41Josh Mehigan 42Josh Mehigan 43Molly Peacock 44Mike Peich 45Chelsea Rathburn 46Chelsea Rathburn 47Kay Ryan 48Kay Ryan
49W D Snodgrass 50Snodgrass & Kennedy 51A E Stallings 52Steele & Mason 53Christian McEwen 54Catherine Tufariello 55X J Kennedy 56X J Kennedy
57X J Kennedy 58David Yezzi 59David Yezzi 60Linda Cracknell 61Margaret Elphinstone 62Margaret Elphinstone 63Nicola Murray 64Nicola Murray
65Kenny Taylor 66Kenny Taylor 67Christian McEwen 68Christian McEwen 69Catherine MacPhail 70Chrys Salt 71Chrys Salt 72John Hudson
73John Hudson 74A B Jackson 75Brian Whittingham 76Brian Whittingham 77Brian Whittingham 78David Kinloch 79David Kinloch 80Hamish Whyte
81Hamish Whyte 82Julie Kane 83Kate Light 84Kate Light 85N S Thompson 86Wilmer Mills 87Adalsteinn Sigurdsson 88Adalsteinn Sigurdsson
89Adalsteinn Sigurdsson 90Astvaldur 91Astvaldur 92Gintaras Grajauskas 93Gintaras Grajauskas 94Lise Sinclair 95Lise Sinclair 96Lise Sinclair
97Lise Sinclair 98Rob Mackenzie 99Rob Mackenzie 100Rob Mackenzie 101Rob Mackenzie 102Alan Riach 103Alan Riach 104Stewart Conn
105Cheryl Follon 106Donald Hall 107Donald Hall 108Donald Hall 109Mike Peich Richard Wilbur Dana Gioia 110Michael Pedersen 111Rhina Espaillat

The images above are part of an ongoing personal project to photograph my friends and acquaintances: writers, musicians, artists, publishers. Pictures 1, 2, 3 and 6 were taken with a Minolta SLR on conventional film; all other images up to number 29 were shot on a Fuji Finepix S7000 Digital camera in colour, and greyscaled in Photoshop. All remaining images were shot on Nikon D200 and D7000 DSLRs with various lenses.

1: G.F. Dutton at his home in Perthshire, November 2004.
2/3: Philip Hobsbaum peruses a young writer's text at his home in Glasgow, autumn 2002, with his wife Rosemary.
4/5: Diana Hendry, poet and children's writer, Castle Urquhart, Loch Ness, May 2006.
6: Suchen Christine Lim, the novelist from Singapore, who was a writer in residence at Moniack Mhor during the first half of 2005.
7: Cheryl Follon, poet, in conversation, Pot Still, Glasgow, June 2005.
8: Poet and website designer A B Jackson, enjoying a pint at the Pot Still, Glasgow, June 2005.
9: Johnny Hill, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, Kyleakin, Skye, June 2005.
10: Neil Thomson, highly amused by harmonicas, Kyleakin, Skye, June 2005.
11-12: Kenny Taylor, naturalist, nature writer, authority on puffins, Canna, July 2005.
13: Linda Cracknell, writer in residence at Brownsbank cottage, former home of Hugh MacDiarmid with portrait of MacDiarmid's wife, Valda Trevlyn, Candymill, Biggar, July 2005.
14: Mike Stocks, novelist, poet and translator of Guiseppe Belli, Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, July 2005.
15: Mike Stocks, editor of Anon poetry magazine, Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, July 2005.
16: Petrea Cooney, classically-trained soprano, violinist/fiddler and clarsach player, Calderglen, Lanarkshire, October 2005.
17-19: At home and among beech trees, Julie Johnstone, publisher of Essence Press and editor of island, a handmade literary journal dedicated to prose and poetry about the natural world, Edinburgh, September 2005.
20: Alec Finlay, poet, public artist, publisher, and general animateur, Edinburgh, October 2005.
21: Three poets and small press publishers, Edinburgh, October 2005: from left to right, Duncan Glen of Akros, John Lucas of Shoestring Press, and Hamish Whyte of Mariscat Press, at a spot marking Samuel Johnson's stay in the city.
22: Duncan Glen, poet, designer, typographer, and founder-owner of Akros Press, The Tass, Edinburgh, October 2005.
23: Poet and founder-owner of Mariscat Press, Hamish Whyte, The Tass, Edinburgh, October 2005.
24: John Lucas (left) and Duncan Glen in conversation, The Tass, Edinburgh, October 2005.
25: John Lucas, poet and founder-owner of Shoestring Press of Nottingham, The Tass, Edinburgh, October 2005.
26-28: Jim Carruth, poet, author of pamphlet Bovine Pastoral, a poem sequence documenting the decline of dairy farming in Renfrewshire, and pictured here among cows at his family farm, High Auchinsale in Renfrewshire, October 2005.
29: Lynn Chandhok, poet, New York City, June 2007.
30: Poet-critic Dana Gioia, book signing at the poetry conference 'Exploring Form and Narrative', West Chester University, Pennsylvania, June 2007.
31: Gioia and the poet Molly Peacock as part of a panel, 'The Movement and New Formalism' at the same conference, June 8 2007.
32: The poet Dick Davis, Pennsylvania, June 2007.
33: Rhina P. Espaillat, poet in Spanish and English, reads at the West Chester Conference.
34: R. S. Gwynn objurgates in witty style from the podium. Pennsylvania, June 2007.
35: Ernie Hilbert, poet, rare book dealer, and editor of Contemporary Poetry Review, an online journal which advertises itself as "resuscitating poetry criticism."
36: H. L. Hix, poet-critic, Pennsylvania, June 2007.
37: The American poet-critic Daniel Hoffman, June 2007.
38: Jennifer Goodrich, short story writer and US Assistant Editor of The Dark Horse, New York State, June 2007.
39: Kate Light, poet and violinist for the New York Opera House, New York City, June 2007.
40: Kate Light on the New York Subway.
41-42: Joshua Mehigan, author of The Optimist, a prize-winning first book of poems.
43: Molly Peacock, poet and writer, reads at the West Chester conference.
44: Michael Peich, fine printer and the conference Director, demonstrates some of the principles of typography and layout involved in his press, Aralia which produces gorgeous handprinted limited editions.
45-46: Chelsea Rathburn, poet and writer, Pennsylvania, June 2007.
47-48: Kay Ryan, poet, book-signing and reading as part of Michael Peich's annual Aralia Press demonstration during the West Chester conference.
49: W D Snodgrass reading, West Chester, June 8 2007. Robert Lowell credited Snodgrass's book, Heart's Needle as a major influence on him in the composition of Life Studies.
50: Snodgrass and X. J. Kennedy share a contemplative platform together.
51: A. E. Stallings, classicist and poet, Pennsylvania, June 2007.
52: Poet-critics Timothy Steele and David Mason share a platform during 'The Movement and New Formalism' panel, June 8, 2007.
53: Christian McEwen, poet, writer and workshop leader, against the backdrop of Skye from the Sgurr of Eigg, August 2008.
54: Catherine Tufariello, poet, at book signing, West Chester, June 2007.
55-57: X J Kennedy, guffawing in mutual Irishness at Gerry Cambridge's camera lens, Pennsylvania, June 2007.
58-59: David Yezzi, poet and executive editor for the conservative cultural review The New Criterion.
60: Linda Cracknell, writer, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, February 2007.
61-62: Margaret Elphinstone, novelist and Professor of Writing at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, in the grounds of Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, April 2007.
63: Artist Nicola Murray, above Lochranza, Arran, April 2007.
64: Nicola Murray waits for a typically-punctual Glasgow Scotrail express, Uddingston Rail Station, Lanarkshire, May 2007.
65: Kenny Taylor, naturalist, writer, and general renaissance man, at Laig Bay, Eigg, with Rum in the background, July 2007.
66: Kenny Taylor at the Well of the Holy Women, Eigg, July 2007.
67: Christian McEwen, writer and teacher currently resident in Northampton, Massachusetts, but born and raised in Berwickshire, Glebe Barn, Eigg, July 2007. Her books include The Alphabet of the Trees: A Guide to Nature Writing,(co-edited with Mark Statman, and available through NAWE), and In the Wake of Home, a volume of poems.
68: Christian McEwen against the background of the Sgurr of Eigg, July 2007.
69: Best-selling novelist for young people, Catherine MacPhail, Cromarty, Highland, May 2007.
70-71: Chrys Salt, writer, theatre director, editor of literary magazine Markings, Edinburgh, October 2006.
72-73: John Hudson, poet and writer, founder editor of the literary magazine Markings, Francophile and general cultural animateur, Edinburgh, October 2006.
74: A B Jackson, poet, West End, Glasgow, July 2007.
75-77: Brian Whittingham, poet, children's author and former Clydeside shipyard worker, Glasgow, July 2007.
78-79: David Kinloch, poet and French scholar, the Southside, Glasgow, July 2007.
80-81: Poet and owner of Mariscat Press, Hamish Whyte, Edinburgh, August 2007.
82: At West Chester Poetry Conference, June 2008, poet and scholar of the Villanelle Julie Kane.
83-84: Kate Light, poet and violinist for the New York Opera House, Bryant Park, New York City, June 2008.
85: N. S. Thompson, poet and Italian scholar, West Chester Poetry Conference, June 2008.
86: Tennessee poet, Wilmer Mills; West Chester Poetry Conference, June 2008.
87-89: Adalsteinn Asberg Sigurdsson, Icelandic poet, publisher and musician, Crear, Argyll, August 2008.
90-91: Astvaldur Traustason, Icelandic jazz pianist and accordionist, Crear, Argyll, August 2008.
92-93: Gintaras Grajauskas, Lithuanian poet, vocalist and electric base player, Crear, Argyll, August 2008.
94: Lise Sinclair, musician, singer and poet from Fair Isle, Shetland, Crear, Argyll, August 2008.
95: Lise Sinclair looking out to the south end of Jura and to Islay, Crear, Argyll, August 2008.
96: Lise Sinclair rehearsing in Glasgow, the West End, August 2008.
97: Lise Sinclair, Crear, Argyll, August 2008.
98-101: Rob A Mackenzie, Poet and Church of Scotland Minister, Edinburgh October 2008.
102-103: Alan Riach, Poet and Professor of Scottish Literature, Glasgow University, San Francisco, December 2008.
104: Stewart Conn, Poet and Playwright, in his study in Edinburgh with his beloved cherry tree outside the window. January, 2009.
105: Cheryl Follon, poet, The Hidden Gardens, Glasgow, May 2009.
106-108: Donald Hall, the West Chester Poetry Conference, June 2009.
109: From left to right, Michael Peich, Richard Wilbur and Dana Gioia, the West Chester Poetry Conference, June 2009. Peich and Gioia were co-founders of the conference in 1995, now one of the largest in the United States.
110: Michael Pedersen,'Caledonian poet and Spoken Worder' and joint organiser of the Edinburgh monthly reading series Neu Reekie, Glasgow May 2011.
111: Rhina Espaillat, poet in English and Spanish, the West Chester Poetry Conference, June 2011.